15 sachets
  • Boosts energy metabolism
  • Contributes to the energy supply in muscles  
  • Good for concentration and lowering stress (e.g. in competitions)

Muscle Support is designed on scientific evidence and adapted by the real-world experience from professional athletes and their results.
We can honestly say that Muscle Support is a true medal winner.  



Muscle Support contains 19 bioactive ingredients and can be used as a replacement for at least 5 commonly used sports supplements including creatine, BCAAs, L-glutamine, L-Arginine and beta-alanine. The combination of ingredients in Muscle Support targets 4 muscle mechanisms: energy, strength, growth and recovery. It provides noticeable results from the first use.

The ingredients are very precisely and deliberately composed, highly dosed and present in an easily absorbable form. This ensures a very high-quality product. Thanks to its form, Muscle Support is completely free of flavourings, colourings, binding agents or other additives.    


Dissolve 1 sachet in a bottle (350 ml - 500 ml) with water or juice. To be used before, during and immediately after physical effort, training or competition. This food supplement is not suitable for children un­der 10 years.


Age 10 and up  


No allergens


Muscle Support is free of animal substances and fits into a plant-based lifestyle (suitable for vegans). 
Guaranteed free of yeast, lactose, corn, soy, gluten, preservatives, gelatin, animal-derived ingredients, synthetic colouring and flavouring agents and aromas. 

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