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Do you know what nucleotides are and what they can do for you?  

Nucleotides are best known as the building blocks of your DNA. Every cell of every human contains DNA. It largely determines what happens in your body: it is, as it were, the design for your existence.  

When you know what nucleotides do for your DNA and more, you would understand why Supprior is convinced that nucleotides are the foundation for living a healthy lifestyle. Experience it for yourself!



Cell Renewal contains the unique Nutri-tide®IM50-Zn formula.
The main active substance is the nucleotides and in this formula it is combined with the all-round mineral zinc.
Cell Renewal is a unique product. It ensures a balanced supply of nucleotides to where it is needed.
It contains both pyrimidine and purine bases. 

Nucleotides can be combined in dietary supplements with vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B2 (good for mucous membranes),
vitamin C (helps the immune system), folate (for mental energy and reduced stress sensitivity),
vitamin B12 (helps to reduce fatigue and tiredness).

Nucleotides are divided into two groups called purines and pyrimidines.
Nucleotides are best known as the building blocks of DNA and RNA.

  • The division into purines and pyrimidines is based on the construction of their nitrogenous bases.
    In DNA, the purine bases include adenine (A) and guanine (G), while the pyrimidine bases are thymine (T) and cytosine (C).
  • RNA includes adenine, guanine, cytosine and uracil (U) instead of thymine.
    Thymine is produced by adding a methyl group to uracil. 

Nucleotides are found in low levels with low bioavailability in our current modern diet.
Organ meat is rich in nucleotides. But we do eat far less offal and more and more we are following a plant-based diet.
Plants largely contain nucleotides in the purine form. The shortage of nucleotides in our diet is in the pyrimidine form.
So at the end of the day more than 80% of the nucleotides are of the purine form and less than 20% of the pyrimidine form.

  • the uptake of nucleotides from food is limited because nucleic acids in cells are well protected?  
  • only 5-15% is absorbed  from food?
  • supplemented nucleotides that are available freely and unprotected have a much better absorption; up to 80-90%?

SUPPRIOR cannot provide information on the mechanisms like nucleotides here. In accordance with legislation, we keep such information separate from the promotion of our products.

Zinc is a trace mineral, plays a role in numerous physiological processes and is an essential mineral for the body.
A trace element, also trace mineral, is an element that must be present in an organism's diet for proper growth and function,
but only in very small amounts, from micrograms to milligrams.

Many cheap supplements contain zinc oxide (or zinc sulphate).
This is a large inorganic molecule, which cannot be properly absorbed by the body through digestion.
Zinc gluconate is a compound of zinc with a gluconate molecule.
This compound is better than inorganic zinc compounds in terms of bioavailability.

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