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Many people wonder if they should take probiotics? The answer to that question is yes.
Probiotics are live bacteria that occur naturally in our intestines. These bacteria are part of our flora. Advanced Probiotics contains a carefully selected mix of 8 different bacterial strains. Although the good bacteria aren’t formally recommended, the World Health Organization defines probiotics as “live micro-organisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host”.



The bacterial strains in Advanced Probiotics have been selected in such a way that their mutual effect is optimal and that the largest possible amount
of live bacteria reach the intestines. 
Advanced Probiotics is a powdered supplement that comes in a jar and contains at least 3 billion viable bacteria per teaspoon of 3 grams.

Probiotics go well with other nutritional supplements, which form part of a treatment plan according to orthomolecular medicine.

Advanced Probiotics should be taken daily to increase its effectiveness. The colonisation of the bacteria from probiotics is not permanent.
Over a period of several months, when the intake of probiotics is discontinued, the intestinal environment
loses its optimal composition as a result of various factors. 


Age 3 and up


No allergens.  


Advanced Probiotics is suitable for vegetarians. 
Guaranteed free of yeast, lactose, preservatives, gelatin, synthetic
colourants, odourants and flavourings. 

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Contains 23 high-quality vitamins and minerals in optimal dosages.

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DNA support, cell protection. Contributes to normal DNA synthesis, cell protection and the process of cell renewal.

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Liver & body cleansing Supports liver detoxification (includes Curcuma)* and helps protect your cells.

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